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Looking for solutions in nature.  

We focus on neutraceuticals (foods with medicinal properties) and non-drug interventions. The research focuses on primarily on clinical nutrition and dietary modifications to treat inflammatory conditions in horses, such as arthritis. Although both humans and horses can develop arthritis, race horses tend to develop the disease at a much younger age, so early intervention is necessary to protect the animal’s health and welfare. Race horses can begin to develop arthritis as early as two years of age, which may be due to their rigorous training and lifestyle. Our aim is to develop nutritional, holistic and dietary approaches to improve horse health.

Plants are a logical place to look for anti-inflammatory substances, since some of the most widely-used anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin, come from plants. Natural remedies aren’t risk-free, but combining several plants can mitigate their individual side effects.

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Recruiting closed for study 19/3/RT, the role of vitamin D in equine bone health and laminitis.